A Practical Guide To Having An Out Of Body Experience

This will take some concentration, focus, and practice. It will really depend upon how strong Your desire is to experience the out of body experiences that I am about to teach You. Prepare mentally to have Your vapor-less light body lift out of Your physical body and all the while be totally conscious of everything that takes place.

By You giving directions to Your astral body as You progress, You will start to understand more about Your spiritual light body as You learn to increase the vibrations so that You can move into other dimensions. It is within these dimensions that you will meet with Your Spirit Guides.  You are most likely not accustomed to these types of experiences so go slow at first. There are many good things that You will be introduced to while traveling throughout these realms.  But be aware of the fact that You may also encounter bad things as well!

Before starting You must first get yourself into a mental state of mind that everything you experience is only a figment of Your imagination and that they have no power over You in any way shape or form!  They may seem very real to someone who is inexperienced or never had the opportunity to have someone guide them out for the first time.  I had many frightening encounters before I realized that I could walk right through those entities just by looking them straight in the face and telling them “You are not real” “You are just a figment of my imagination”! They would try to convince me that they were the ones who controlled me but I would just walk right through them and they would just go away!

The first thing You need to do to Prepare Yourself for an out of body experience is to lie in bed and relax Your entire body by taking deep cleansing breaths. You exhale feel all of Your daily tension and negativity leaving Your mind and body.  Start by feeling all of the cells in Your head fall into a calm relaxed state and move down into all the muscles and ligaments in your neck and down into your shoulders and arms all the way to the tips of your fingers.

Next, you feel a warm glow come from your heart and move out like a spider web throughout your entire torso and down into your legs all the way to your toes.  Now lay there quietly until your whole body feels numb to the point where you cannot discern the difference between your toes and the rest of your body.

Continue this practice every night when you are just about to fall asleep. The first few times you do this you most likely WILL fall asleep! Don’t be discouraged as this is normal as your body and mind get used to this type of deep relaxation.

Over the next two or three weeks, you will start to learn how to control your mind to stay awake while your body falls asleep. This is the point when you will start to have your first out of body experiences! Every time you do this, go into it with the intention of leaving your physical body. You need to be aware of a few things that will help you progress faster. We are all multidimensional.

What does this mean? Everything that you can see and feel is vibrating at different frequencies. Even though you can move through the air that surrounds us and we can feel it when the wind blows, we are still able to effortlessly go about the room without any resistance.  The same thing goes when we are in water except we do feel some resistance as we move about.

The molecules and atoms of water are closer together than air and thus creating resistance. Now think about the surface of a table or a steel door, they are also vibrating atoms and molecules and yet we can’t push our finger through them no matter how hard we try because they are even denser than water.

Our astral bodies, however, can move through solid objects as we learn to control how it vibrates and to become one with every person place or thing we encounter. As you learn to vibrate at higher and higher levels you will soon be able to leave to confines of your home (although you can leave through open doors, windows, or through the chimney.)

When you get to travel to other planes of existence you will meet with your guides who will teach you many wonderful things surround you with an unconditional love vibration that is trillions of times stronger than anything you have ever witnessed here on the physical plane.

The conclusion? Human beings definitely consist of more than just a physical body.  It has long been believed by members of Eastern cultures, mystics, and spiritual masters that we are multi-dimensional beings possessing the incredible power to be, do, and have ANYTHING we so desire!

Millions of people worldwide are awakening to this”truth” that there are Universal Laws that govern the very nature of our existence; for the first time in the history of civilization, mankind has been given the fundamental knowledge and scientific proof needed to answer the questions that have baffled and intrigued the human race since the beginning of time!

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What is my purpose? …..

And the question of all questions


Science can now prove that we do indeed exist beyond our physical body. The absolute confirmation of these “truths”, hereinafter referred to as Universal Laws and/or Laws of the Universe, has fueled the quest for greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of our eternal nature.

As stated earlier, it is a known and documented fact that dates back thousands of years, that spontaneous OBEs can occur to anyone anytime – while relaxing, while sleeping, during sickness, under medication, during the accident, during meditation, etc. ; but recent research reveals the fascination with controlled or induced OBEs (meaning purposely experimenting with out of body experiences).

The proper induction of conscious OBE has been a major tool for expanding the mind and the imagination. We must cultivate the creative nature of the mind and the imagination in order to develop an enriched understanding of one’s self and one’s passions.

When we begin to know ourselves and our passions it is then that we can make the ultimate discovery, the discovery of our life purpose. It is this “knowing” that leads to extreme gratitude and sincere appreciation. Gratitude and Appreciation are critical to the development of one’s soul. You are about to embark on the most enlightening journey of your entire life!