First Online University for Out of Body Experiences

Louie Moss, Author Of 68 Seconds to Becoming Wealthy, Opens The First Online University for Out of Body Experiences

TACOMA, Wash., Oct. 1  /PRNewswire/ — Louie Moss, author, internet radio personality and leading expert in out of body experiences is the founder of and has an audience that spans the globe. There is a potential audience of over two billion people interested in learning about Out of Body Experiences. was founded because of Louie’s experience on many different realms with his spiritual guides as he was having out of body experiences on a regular basis since the age of eighteen. After sharing his experiences with closest friends, he was ridiculed. Since then, his experiences were kept private for over 45 years.

“It is time to take this public and help expand the consciousness of the world especially now since various universities are having success in virtual out of body experiences that can actually be proven,” states Louie. “I was mentored by three spiritual guides about what to bring back to the physical plane to share with humanity to help raise the vibrations and frequency of consciousness so that there is no limit to what anyone that understands the Universal Laws can not be, do or have.

He explains in detail how to have an out of body experience on his show and elaborates on how his leaving his physical body many times has brought him into accord with truth and the laws of the universe. Archives of his interviews with others who have had similar experiences are available by typing in the show url. He is on live every Sunday evening at 11:00 PM Eastern.

In 2002 he authored the book: 68 Seconds To Becoming Wealthy that is being purchased worldwide. “Once you have an out of body experience you will never look at your world the same,” states Louie.

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