Who is Louie Moss?

Louie Moss, author, internet radio personality and leading expert in out of body experiences is the founder of http://www.louiemoss.com and has an audience that spans the globe. He is an accomplished Author of the book 68 Seconds to Becoming Wealthy and has spoken to multitudes of people throughout the world.

As a global finance minister, Louie specializes in artificial intelligence education and Humanitarian Projects throughout the world. Louie also enhances the mental and physical, as well as gives you the guidebook that helps you along the spiritual dimensions and has the innate ability to trouble shoot potential future challenges in your life and provide you with solutions.

Louie Moss lives by the words: “Do unto others like you.” He reflects every second of every day, the energy of unconditional love for every person, place, and thing. As a father, husband, and business man He is known throughout the world as the “compassionate guru” and has helped to guide families, and businesses to successful outcomes all over the world.